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The Streaming Revolution: How Technology Has Radically Changed Political Perception

You wouldn't know it from the evening news, or CNN or MSNBC, but this truly is the moment in U.S. history when technology has completely changed political perception.

Generations ago, people got their information from radio. Then television provided the news. Now, the internet. Only now, it's not one booming voice of truth and reason. It is many - a seemingly forever expanding sea of perspectives and voices.

It is a strange experience to watch, while we know more - more, than what these polished, perfectly coiffed, well dressed reality TV talk-show hosts posing as "political authorities" (a.k.a. "the pundits"), are telling the masses. How do they do it? They say it so convincingly. Do they shut out the truth by lying to themselves, or do they not know? Or do they know and not care? They fit a profile, of course. They want you to believe it's all just "politics as usual".

But it's not.

And then I read about the voter suppression in New York, I get updates on Twitter from people I know and trust. Multiple sources from news sources that are NOT owned by Time Warner or Comcast all report similar instances of voter fraud in New York:

"These irregularities come on top of the news that approximately 126,000 voters were purged from the rolls in Kings County, which houses Brooklyn."

That is a big deal. By any metric, this is absolutely important news. Of course there is no word of this on network news television. We know why. Still, such a bizarre experience. They can't wait for Bernie to just go away. Yet, he won't. And neither will his supporters, the gigantic crowds, the massive popular support. Because it's not about Bernie Sanders, the man. It's about what the Bernie Sanders campaign represents. And what Hillary does not. Hillary represents the established ways, the establishment itself. She represents the past.

The Bernie Sanders campaign represents the Will of the People.

It represents the will towards the future. The will to not be forced to buy in to an illegal system, the will to no longer accept the incessant greed that has all but destroyed a middle class in America. To not sit idly by while an environment is destroyed in the name of a better bottom line. The will to demand medical attention and education as a right. The will to not accept that inherited wealth and power be handed down from one generation to the next, tax free, when this generation of entitled elites largely do so little for humanity to deserve it. While the rest of us fight over what is left. To voice what we all know. That the system is rigged in favor of the super wealthy - rigged, illicit, and yes, in many instances, illegal.

The Sanders Movement is the beginning of the change that is coming, the change that is inevitable. Technology has changed the "truths" that people now know today. People in their 20's completely understand this. Completely. They see MSNBC and CNN the way someone in their late 30's and 40's see entertainment news shows. Your Anderson Cooper is their Mario Lopez.

Because it is a ruse; it's not what's really happening out there. And now people can't claim ignorance quite as conveniently as generations before us. Now, people have to WANT to not know. And it's not as easy as all that, I get it. Life is hard enough, most of us are trying to survive. But, understand that that's exactly where the system wants people to be - too desperate, or too busy, or too distracted - to have time or desire to do anything about it. About exactly what put them in that position in the first place.

Keep the faith, Berners. The Movement Lives.

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