• by Aaron Rodriguez

THE MANY FACED BERN: The Six (Five) types of Bernie Supporters

Not to be confused as a singular horde, we present the 5-6 most prevalent archetypes of Bernie Sanders supporters:


Bernie Bros (TM) - A corporate media creation.

USA Today describes Bernie Bros as "the unsanctioned shock troops of Bernie Sanders' vaunted online army, digital rogues who've plagued Hillary Clinton's presidential bid and embarrassed Sanders' campaign."

The Wall Street Journal described the Bros as generally "white, male" Sanders supporters who troll Clinton supporters, "leaving vitriolic comments on social media accounts and created memes showing Mrs. Clinton as trying too hard to be cool."

(*Note: I have never actually met this person...though I was a campaign member. But I digress...)

DemocratFirst - Sarah Silverman types. Has a healthy disrespect for the Republican party in general. Was firmly on the Obama train, was cool with Hillary, then a better option came along. Sanders was her guy. But now is firmly back on the team bus, convincingly cheering on TeamCaptainHillary on as they're headed for the GeneralElectionBowl and a showdown with the rival Elephants.

BernieOrBust - Don't believe in the system, not one bit. Not voting for that liar. I'm not voting for Trump either. But I understand why some of my friends might. #ImNotWithHer #NeverHillary

InBernieWeTrust - I was with him all along. I never wanted or needed to fact check what he says. I believe him. He's endorsing Hillary now? I believe he knows best. Ok, it's Hillary then, if you say so Bernie.

ProgressFirst - Look, Bernie pushed the needle as far as he could. I'm truly amazed that he pushed the party as much as he did. I'm happy with that. He did all he could. Yes, I understand that the system has issues, but it's unrealistic to think it can change quickly. I will, somewhat begrudgingly, vote for Hillary. I have to do everything in my power to prevent a world where President Trump is a reality.

DemocracyFirst - My loyalty is to democracy. Real democracy. Bernie represented that, and despite being a lifelong independent, he was running as a Democrat for the nomination, so I registered Democrat. And the party did everything in their power to keep him from becoming the nominee, confirming every suspicion I had with established politics. I'm done voting for the lesser of two evils. In November, I will vote for the greater good, and vote for the candidate that's running who best represents what I believe. That's democracy. And that's how I will choose to engage. It won't be Trump. But it might not be Hillary.

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